Handmade Damascus Sword


Unleash your deadly inner warrior as you wield this Damascus steel sword. Expertly forged from Damascus steel, this noble weapon stands as a testament to the superior and timeless quality of ancient Chinese sword forging techniques.



Damascus Steel SwordHandmade Damascus Steel Sword

Bestseller No. 1
Yongli Sword Full Tang Damascus Folded Steel RED Blade Chinese MEI Hua Qing DAO Sword (Black)
  • Damascus folded steel Red blade sword
  • Fully handmade,full tang sharp edge blade sword
  • Approx 27"blade&7.7"handle&37"overall
  • Professional sword maker made Rose wood sheath, rose wood handle alloy tsuba accessories
  • Packaged with high quality plastic foam,very safe ,free send random bag.no with stand and box.
SaleBestseller No. 2
SW-149, Handmade Damascus Steel 25 Inches Sword Rose Wood & Colored Bone Handle with Damascus Steel...
  • Handmade Damascus Steel Sword
  • Best Quality Walnut Wood & Colored Bone Handle with Damascus Steel Guard
  • Sharp Edge Blade - Great Piece of Art
  • Stunning Twist Pattern Blade
  • Perfect Grip and Balance
Bestseller No. 3
eroton Samurai Katana Functional Hand Forged Handmade Japanese Katana Sword 1060 1095 Carbon Steel...
  • HAND FORGED:The Katana sword is made ond clay tempered steel.following the traditional Japanese process. with a polished mirror-like surface. The blade is very sharp and folded 13 times resulting in 8,192 layers. A special clay mixture is applied to the blade by hand, using a thin covering near the edge and a thicker layer over the spine of the blade. This results in a relatively quicker cooling of the edge during quenching, producing a hard edge and softer back
  • FUNCTIONAL: This sword is a very good choice, gifts, cutting practice, display, and collection. It is durable enough.The sword is strong enough to cut through bamboo yet sharp enough to slice paper. Each sword is individually handmade so specifications vary slightly from sword to sword.
  • TECHNOLOGY:The knife blade is thoroughly tempered and fabricated by making, hot forging, shoveling, deadening, grinding, heat treatment, tempering, repairing and truing for dozens of Longquan manufacturing processes in China.
  • SHARP:the blade is hand polished with multiple grades of sharpening stones which .Traditional 14 Stage Hand Polished Finish.blade is very sharp
  • BLADE SIZE:Damascus Steel Clay Tempered Blade Full Handmade,weight£º1.25kg/2.75ib.It is 103 cm/40.55 inches in length, 26 cm/10.24 inches in handle length and 71 cm/27.95 inches in blade length.Hardness:58HRC,Sori 1.8cm/0.71in,Color black and golden,
Bestseller No. 4
Masahiro Damascus Sword of The Serpent Hunting Knife
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Item can be shipped within U.S
  • Made of high quality materials
Bestseller No. 5
Chinese Sword,Broadsword(Damascus Steel in China/Folded Steel Blade,Alloy,Rosewood) Length 29"
  • Material:Damascus steel in China/Folded steel blade; Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Heat Tempered;Forging skill of Longquan sword is China's intangible cultural heritage
  • Approximately:Package weight:1.5KG; Overall Length:29"; Blade Length:19"
  • Scabbard:Rosewood; Handle:Rosewood; Knife fitted:Zinc alloy
  • Accessories:Cotton sword bag.No wood stand
  • Uses:Collection,Home furnishing articles,Practice Kung Fu,Martial arts equipment,Gifts for friends
Bestseller No. 6
Damascus Steel Bone and Walnut Sword
  • Damascus steel blade
  • Wood handle
  • Brass pins
  • Brass spacers
  • Leather sheath
Bestseller No. 7
Damascus Folded Steel Clay Tempered Handmade Japanese Samurai Katana Sword
  • 1.Damascus folded steel clay tempeded blade sword 2. Fully handmade,full tang sharp edge blade sword 3. Professional sword maker made 4. Approx 28.7"blade&10"handle&40.5" overall 5. Rose wooden sheath,wooden handle wrap w/ rope w/real ray skin w/ Menuki/alloy tsuba 5. Packaged with high quality plastic foam,very safe ,free send random bag. no with stand and box.
Bestseller No. 8
PAL 2000 KNIVES 9562 Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Sword Total Length 35 inches Amazing Art...
  • HUNITNG SWORD: Blade warranted Total length 35 inches Approx blade length 27 inches Approx handle length 8 inches Approx Amazing combination of Rose Wood handle.
  • Our All Items Are 100% Handmade And 100% Original Damascus Steel - Shipping is Fast Through DHL OR UPS - If you have any type of question about our item please contact us
  • sharp edge blade best quality guaranteed - perfect grip - quality finish , hard and cutting edge , retains sharp edge after rough and tough use - great piece of art for a perfect gift knife as well as fully functional
  • Quality Material Used 1095/15N20 ALLOY STEELS (352 true Layers). Hardness of the blade of this knife is HRC 58-60.
  • handmade durable LEATHER SHEATH of high quality of COW SKIN included
Bestseller No. 9
K EXCLUSIVE Legends in Steel Brass, Heartwood and Damascus Steel Sword
  • Embodiment of Old World elegance
  • 26" Damascus steel blade
  • Striking heartwood handle
  • Brass crossguard, pommel
  • Genuine leather scabbard
SaleBestseller No. 10
Handmade katana Damascus Folded Steel Katana Japanese Samurai Sword Groove Full Tang Sharp Sword...
  • The sword is pure hand forged by using traditional hand forged method
  • The full tang blade is hand forged with help of powered hammer,hand polished. strong and sharp enough for bamboo cutting.
  • Blade come with a full length tang
  • Authentic handmade production. All its parts can be disassembled and reassembled like a real Sword
Damascus Steel Sword
Handmade Damascus Sword